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Excellent facilities and work at great prices.. a valuable resource for us who use film and like prints.

Christopher Ridley

10th May 2018

I have really enjoyed my printing session with Thank you very much for all the tuition – Please forward my thanks to David the last session was really helpful. I had a really happy and unforgettable time at Black & White Basement. Thank you for the space and hospitality – looking forward to seeing more of your darkroom when I see you next time.


21st October 2017

Just emailing to say thank you so much for yesterday! I am definitely pleased with the negatives, contact sheets and hand prints I produced and will certainly be booking another session – this time with a friend.

Neda M

27thApril 2018

Thank you so much for all your help over the many pleasurable sessions I’ve had at BWB.
It’s been a delight watching the darkroom expand and more people come in over the years, the facilities and equipment remain second-to-none in my experiences, and I’ve used many darkrooms in the past!
If you’re new to this, or a seasoned veteran, Keith couldn’t make you feel any more welcome, and you will quickly be producing excellent work in his well setup darkroom.

Barry C

11th April 2018

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Sunday! Realised how much I’ve missed being creative and using my hands to work, so I’m very grateful. It was such a great day, and I’m really excited to spend more time developing and practising the process further.

Samantha S

25th April 2018

I just booked me second tuition session in Black & White Basement. The owner is really friendly, their equipment is professional and they provide a one on one tuition to learn.
I will advertise them to all my photographer friends who need a quiet and peaceful environment for developing their negs. and do enlargements.

Sebastian Rooks

14th Nov 2017