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Processing at

B&W Basement 

Special Offer: 10% off 5 rolls or more

Professional black and white film processing – 35mm and 120 Medium Format film developing using traditional hand line method, spiral loading and Kodak X-tol fine grain developer. Utmost care is taken with time, temperature and agitation to ensure your black and white negatives reach optimum density & contrast for subsequent printing.

Films are washed in filtered water, finished with a final “photo-flow” rinse, air dried and hand cut into sixes in clear ‘Printfile’ archival negative sleeving.

35mm / 120 Medium Format Roll £10.00
5×4 Sheet Film (each) £5.00
Develop Film + Contact Sheet  £15.00
Contact Sheet only £10.00
Push/pull process options for speed change +£2.00
Plus 6×4″ Gloss or Matt prints with border +£10.00
Plus 7.5×5″ Gloss or Matt prints with border +£15.00