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B&W Basement 

Black & White Basement is the brainchild of Keith Lyons, founder of Lab35 & Lab120 – UK’s award winning professional analogue laboratories for over 3 decades.

Today, our darkroom offers Black & White film processing and traditional hand prints of the highest quality and aimed at the dedicated photographer who still uses film as part of his repertoire. All printing is supervised by David Champion, who has over 30 years experience as an exhibition quality printer and a commercial photographer.

As well as the professional processing and printing services, we offer darkroom hire and one-to-one tuition with our senior printer and tutor. There are four darkrooms to choose from, equipped with DeVere and Leica enlargers and the choice of machine or dish paper processing. You can book a printing session for a full or half day and there’s a  2 hour session for film processing only.

If you would like learn the art and craft of darkroom printing you can have a ‘one-to-one session’ with David who will cover both film processing and hand enlarging techniques in a day. We are also planning a series of 1 day workshops for alternative processes including Cyanotype, Gum-Bichromate, Lith Printing and Toning.

We have recently installed a full digital suite equipped with Nikon and Canon scanners plus an A1 Epson inkjet printer which can all be hired by special arrangement. Please ask for details.

Film Processing

10% off 5 rolls or more

Hand Enlargements

20% Introductory Offer

Darkroom Hire

20% off first booking

1-to-1 Tuition

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